August pick: The Sandman (Volumes 1-3)

In anticipation of the upcoming second instalment of Audible’s The Sandman featuring Kat as Death of the Endless, our August pick for Kat’s Books & Wine Club is the first three volumes in Neil Gaiman’s dark fantasy graphic novel. These volumes were adapted into the first instalment of the audio series; the second act, dropping in September, should focus on volumes four and five.

The Sandman is a comic book series written by Neil Gaiman and published by DC Comics. It tells the story of Dream, also known as Morpheus and other names, who is one of the seven Endless. The other Endless are Destiny, Death, Desire, Despair, Delirium (formerly Delight), and Destruction. The series is famous for Gaiman’s trademark use of anthropomorphic personification of various metaphysical entities, while also blending mythology and history in its horror setting within the DC Universe.

We invite you to enter the Dreaming in whatever form you please. If you go with Audible’s adaptation, you can listen to Kat in episodes eight (“The Sound of Her Wings”), ten (“Men of Good Fortune”) and nineteen (“Façade”).

Additionally, if you are in the USA, you can listen to the audiobook completely for free only at Audible!

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