The Sandman Act II preview clip

Here’s an audio clip of the upcoming second act of The Sandman, which premieres in two days, as shared by Audible and The AV Club. In the accompanying article, the following description is given:

In this exclusive clip, McAvoy and Dennings bring their comedic chops to the dark drama. Morpheus wants advice from his sister. Gaiman, in his narration, describes Death as having a “pale face with dark eye makeup and lipstick, her black hair toussled.” Death is in too much of a hurry to help her brother, who needs help after a recent visit to Hell, during which Lucifer handed the reins of down under to Morpheus. What should he do next? Death’s sarcastic suggestions include: “Open a skiing resort? Turn it into a theme park? Sell it to the highest bidder?” Honestly, a Hell-themed amusement park and rides sound like a great idea. The clip ends with Morpheus and Death realizing they better come up with ideas fast, because apparently, the dead are coming back.

This media belongs to and was made available by Audible. No copyright infringement is intended.
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