Kat Dennings Jokes She’s Suing Netflix Over Squid Game Trauma

Wandavision actor Kat Dennings reveals that she’s finished Squid Game but jokes that she’s going to sue Netflix because of the trauma she incurred.

Wandavision actor Kat Dennings jokes that she’s going to sue Netflix over the trauma she experienced while watching Squid GameSquid Game took the world by storm when it was released several weeks ago, quickly becoming the Netflix’s most-watched original series in the streaming platform’s history. The show, which has been praised for everything from the acting by the series leads to the unique and creative concept, also has its fair share of heartbreaking moments.

Actor Kat Dennings has appeared in supporting roles since the early 2000s, but it was 2011’s 2 Broke Girls that served as her big break. Since that show premiered, Dennings has appeared as character Darcy Lewis in Thor, Thor: The Dark World, and, most recently, she appeared as Lewis once more in the Disney+ series Wandavision. It’s not currently known if Dennings will be reprising her role for the upcoming fourth installment in the Thor franchise, Thor: Love and Thunder.

In a recent Tweet, Kat Dennings declares that she’s finished Squid Game, but jokes that the series has left her emotionally scarred. She says she feels “sad and bad” and that the show has left her body feeling “drained“. Dennings makes clear that she loves the show by suggesting it should “win every award in existence,” but finishes her Tweet by saying she will be suing Netflix for the trauma she incurred. Check out Dennings original Tweet below:

While it’s clear that Dennings is joking, Squid Game has indeed had a number of real-world effects. It was recently reported that kids playing the actual squid game on their school playgrounds has been leading to fights, and many schools recently banned the wearing of Squid Game costumes for Halloween due to the show’s mature subject matter. The entire premise of the show involves poor South Korean citizens competing in games to the death in order to win a large prize pool, meaning that not every character survives. The death of several notable characters is likely what triggered Dennings to joke about suing Netflix.

Dennings’ tweet captures what many fans appear to feel about Squid Game, namely that the show itself is poignant and timely, but its entire premise is built around putting fan-favorite characters in constant, life-threatening danger, making it occasionally traumatic. The show doesn’t hold back when it comes to eliminating characters in brutal and surprising ways, but it’s also thematically rich and deeply emotional, making it one of the more memorable Netflix original series to launch in quite some time. Dennings is also right about the show’s awards potential. It seems likely that, come awards season, Squid Game could be at the top of many people’s lists.

Written by Ryan Northrup for Screen Rant, article published on October 29
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