Dollface cast reveal their perfect girls night spot!

On Sunday, Young Hollywood uploaded the following video to their website with Kat, Brenda, Shay and Esther chatting with host Joely Live. The interview was later published to their YouTube channel and is now being shared in 1080p.

Let’s face it, a not insignificant number of films and TV shows out there today have a tendency to be on the cynical side. It can be hard to find any media content at all that takes a more optimistic view of things, which is why when a series like Hulu’s “Dollface” comes along with its unapologetic feel-good vibes, it feels like a breath of fresh air! Now, after a nearly 3-year wait, Season 2 is finally hitting the streamer and we are so ready to catch up with our favorite fabulous foursome! Young Hollywood does just that, over Zoom, as we chat with series stars Kat Dennings, Shay Mitchell, Brenda Song, and Esther Povitsky! The ladies tell us about the vibe on set (including who the prankster of the group is) and what part of the show or their character they relate to the most. They also offer advice to anyone else trying to find their way in life, plus they reveal to us their perfect hangout spot!

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