The Knockturnal: cast of Dollface talks upcoming season 2

A lot has happened since 2019, namely an entire pandemic that upheld regular life.

At the end of 2019, we were introduced to the incredible girl gang that exists in Hulu’s Dollface starring Kat Dennings, Brenda Song, Shay Mitchell, and Esther Povitsky.

The series follows a young woman, Jules, who – after being dumped by her longtime boyfriend – must re-enter the world of women, and rekindle the female friendships she left behind.

Packed with hilarious intervals of navigating girl world, we see Jules transform from heartbreak to a woman or her own.

Now, after nearly a four year break, season two follows Jules (Dennings) and her girlfriends– post pandemic, post heartbreak, heading toward turning thirty. Now that she’s reunited with her friends (played by Song, Mitchell, and Povitsky), Jules must balance keeping their group together as each woman sets on a path towards their next chapter and a deeper relationship with themselves.

The show proves to stand on its own apart from previous friend centered sitcoms as it narrows in on the importance of female friendships and what being in touch with your most badass self can accomplish.

Article written by Daisy Maldonado for The Knockturnal, article and video published on February 10
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