Kat Dennings says Dollface season 2 is ‘kinda messy, kinda chaotic’

The Dollface season 1 finale may have aired way back in November 2019 (Remember pre-pandemic life?!), but it’s likely you remember the carnage that ensued during a certain wedding showdown. Well, apparently the long-awaited second season isn’t going to be any more chill. “Kinda messy, kinda chaotic,” says star Kat Dennings when asked to describe upcoming episodes of the Hulu comedy.

Since it has been a couple of years, here’s a quick refresher: Dollface follows the recently single Jules (Dennings) who, after breaking from her longterm boyfriend, has to figure out how to reconnect with the best girl friends she abandoned along the way. Luckily, she has the help of a literal cat lady (majestically voiced by Beth Grant, though really just a figment of Jules’ imagination) to help her get things back on track with college besties Madison (Brenda Song) and Stella (Shay Mitchell), as well as forge a new friendship with coworker Izzy (Esther Povitsky). The season 1 finale saw all four girls gather at a friend’s wedding that Jules’ eccentric boss Celeste (Malin Åkerman) and her husband Colin (Goran Visnjic) were also attending.

But what about that mayhem you mentioned? we hear you cry. Well, first off, the bride was actually Jules’s ex-boyfriend’s sister — so pretty, yep, messy — and secondly, it turned out that Colin was actually Madison’s (married-but-planning-on-leaving-his-wife) boyfriend, a fact Jules decided to share during an impassioned toast where she defended her friend and shamed her boss’ husband.

When we pick back up for season 2 with Jules and co., the pandemic has been gone (“another fantasy element,” says Dennings) and our leading lady is about to return to the office and meet with Celeste for the first time since the wedding bombshell. “She doesn’t really know what’s gonna happen, but she assumes she’s going to be immediately fired,” says Dennings. “And instead, Celeste promotes her! Suddenly she’s Celeste’s right hand at work and she’s Izzy’s boss. It thrusts her into this new Jules life where things are the opposite of season 1.”

While things are looking up for Jules’ work life, Madison’s lofty career goals are faltering, which is highly distressing to the super-ambitious P.R. rep. “The cutest thing about this season is that Jules and Madison’s roles are reversed immediately,” explains Dennings. “Madison is usually the one who knows what’s going on, thriving at work, doing amazing, super busy. Just as Jules is being promoted but thinks she’s being fired, Madison thinks she’s being promoted, but instead she gets fired. There’s a really great episode where the two girls have opposite days; everything’s going amazing for Jules and everything’s going worse and worse for Madison.”

Jules and Madison aren’t the only ones seeing changes in their expected career trajectories. After moving to Philadelphia to attend business school at UPenn, Stella is back in L.A. and realizing that she wants to find a way to combine her party girl attitude with her business mind. “Stella’s realizing that she did all this work and she doesn’t even know if she wants to do this anymore,” says Dennings. “Just as she’s giving up, she meets a beautiful woman named Liv, played by the genius Lilly Singh, and they embark on a new business journey together to open a bar. So Stella is using what she learned in business school, but she’s melding it with her true self, which is fun.”

While Stella mixes work and play, Jules juggles two guys this season. Fans of Wes (Matthew Gray Gubler) will be glad to know he is still a presence in Jules’ life, but there’s also a new romantic interest on the scene to spice things up. “She and Wes are still kind of seeing each other, but this very annoying thing has occurred that’s come between them,” says Jules, adding that it’s “up to Wes to rise to the occasion and it’s unclear whether he’s going to do that.” As Jules waits for Wes to get his s— together, in walks an exceedingly tall and very attractive musician. Isn’t TV life great? “There’s also another cute boy, a character named Fender [Luke Cook, The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina] and he really throws a wrench into Jules’ romantic life.”

When it comes to Izzy’s love life, however, she’s the only one standing in her own way. Having found that rare lasting pandemic love with a cutie named Liam (Jayson Blair) who’s genuinely crazy about her, Izzy can’t allow herself to believe that’s true. “It’s an interesting thing, because Izzy’s being made to feel bad for having a super hot boyfriend, which is so crazy,” says Dennings. “Her insecurities are really getting the better of her and she’s just letting anxiety take over this relationship. She’s just torpedoing this great thing in her life and we get to see Izzy making a huge mistake, but we’re also on her side all the time.”

The show makes a point of being on the side of women, rather than pitting them against one another, as evidenced by Celeste’s upcoming season 2 arc. Now that she knows that Madison was her husband’s girlfriend and also that Jules was aware of this, it’d be understandable if her feelings toward the girls were somewhat frosty, “but it’s dealt with than differently than you’ve seen on TV before,” explains Dennings. “It’s not the woman’s fault and it’s explored in this really great way where you see Celeste in a whole new light.”

All 10 episodes of Dollface season 2 arrive on Hulu Feb. 11. Watch a clip from the new season above.

Written by Ruth Kinane for Entertainment Weekly, article and video published on February 10
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