Get to know the cast of Hulu’s ‘Dollface’ season 2

If you haven’t heard of Dollface, well…it’s about damn time you did! This original comedy on Hulu is all about the struggles of being a woman—from friendships and love to career and money. It’s super relatable, but also pushes things to the extreme for the full comedic effect.

The premise of the show may sound all-too-familiar because you probably know someone (or you) who’s been through a similar sitch. The story centers around Jules, a young twenty-something who loses her friends, her hobbies and interests, and herself after playing the role of the doting girlfriend. So when her boyfriend dumps her out of the blue, her world falls apart and she realizes that she missed out on so many important parts of her life.

In season one of the show, we see our heroine go through the motions of picking up the pieces. She tries to make up with her best friends, rediscovers herself, and embraces the new direction her life has taken. And now, season two is out! This time, the gals are dealing with welcoming their 30’s. But before you dig into those knew episodes, you need to get to know the whole squad first.

Kat Dennings

Character: Jules Wiley

Age: 35

Instagram: @katdenningsss

About her: Dennings plays protagonist Jules, whose post-breakup life we follow. Dennings has played multiple major roles before including Max from Two Broke Girls, Darcy in Marvel’s Thor and Wandavision, Norah in Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist, and more.

Written by Jasmine Ting for Cosmopolitan, article published on February 11

Brenda Song

Character: Madison Maxwell

Age: 33

Instagram: @brendasong

About her: Song plays Jules’ absolute BFF and roomie Madison. She’s the intense, organized, Type A personality of the group. Song herself is famous for another character who was quite the opposite—Disney show The Suite Life of Zack and Cody‘s wealthy heiress London Tipton.

Shay Mitchell

Character: Stella Cole

Age: 34

Instagram: @shaymitchell

About her: Unlike Madison, Stella was never really close to Jules because they’re very different people. She was Madison’s other best friend. But that’s all changed, and she’s part of their tight-knit friend group. Mitchell is no stranger to being part of an on-screen female friend group. She used to play Emily Fields on Pretty Little Liars. She’s also starred as Peach Salinger on You.

Esther Povitsky

Character: Izzy

Age: 33

Instagram: @esthermonster

About her: Izzy is Jules’ co-worker at women-owned company Woom. She used a fake name to fit in better at Woom, but now as part of Jules’ squad she’s living as her authentic, jittery self. You might have seen Povitsky play Maya in Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, or in the comedy series Alone Together.

Lilly Singh

Character: Liv

Age: 33

Instagram: @lilly

About her: The Canadian comedian and late night talk show host plays Liv, a queer bar owner with a sense of humor. She begins a business venture with Stella, as well as a budding romance. This isn’t Singh‘s first acting gig, though her body of work involves more voice acting.

Beth Grant

Character: Cat Lady

Age: 72

Instagram: @bethgrantactor

About her: One of the biggest presences on the show is Cat Lady—Jules’ unofficial guide to life. And Grant does a great job of playing her. The actor has been known for her skill as a character actress, and was a series regular on The Mindy Project from 2012-2017, playing the role of Beverly Janoszewski.

Malin Akerman

Character: Celeste Oslow

Age: 43

Instagram: @malinakerman

About her: Akerman plays Jules’ boss, Woom founder and CEO Celeste. And since the company seems to be loosely based on Goop, her character is kind of a caricature of Gwyneth Paltrow. Akerman herself has a diverse and extensive acting background, doing romantic comedies like 27 Dresses and Couples Retreat, but also action flicks like Watchmen and Chick Fight.

Matthew Gray Gubler

Character: Wes

Age: 41

Instagram: @gublergram

About him: Wes is Jules’ new love interest after breaking up with her ex. He’s a veterinarian who loves cats, which is perfect because Jules has one. But it’s clear in season two that he and Jules aren’t together. Gubler has played a doctor before—just not for animals—as Dr. Spencer Reid in Criminal Minds.

Luke Cook

Character: Fender

Age: 35

Instagram: @thelukecook

About him: This Australian hottie is playing musician Fender. He’s Jules latest spicy fling, complicating things with her lingering feelings for Wes. Cook has previously played Lucifer a.k.a. The Dark Lord on Netflix’s The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, and was also cast as Oliver on the CW’s Dynasty reboot.

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