Re-opening of Kat Dennings Diaries

Hello, everyone. KDD is back online after a two-month hiatus I felt was much necessary, as I could not devote any time to the website and was frankly worried people might mistake my inactivity for abandonment, or that things might display weird without due maintenance. If you follow the site’s accompanying Twitter account, you were kept informed about Kat’s news as well as my own. As far as the website is concerned, it displays a new theme and I fixed up most pages so as to make them easier to access and jump between. Some need a little extra work, but nothing that justified a delay in coming back. The video vault is retired and offline, as I have it as a project for next year to completely renew it. For the moment, I am still struggling to keep KDD online, financially, so if you would like to help with hosting expenses, please get in touch here.

As for Kat, last “we” saw her she and Andrew had just attended the Los Angeles premiere of Thor: Love and Thunder, and had been nominated for the 2nd annual Hollywood Critics Association awards. The award for Best Actress in a Streaming Series, Comedy was given to the also-deserving hands of Selena Gomez. As for Thor, it’s set to release on Disney+ on September 8, Kat’s appearance in the movie no longer a secret! Kat’s partnership with Spindrift beverages also originated a novelty pack dubbed the Kat Pack, featuring Miss Dennings’s top three flavours — if you’re in the USA, you can purchase yours from here.

Sadly, there are no other news to relay, but now that the website is up and running again, with no intention of coming to an end, we’re more than ready for more.

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