Kat Dennings pours over Spindrift Spiked

MQ Pouring over Spiked with Kat Dennings.

Spindrift has finally released the Q&A video shot with Kat Dennings, at her house, back in July, ahead of the release of The Kat Pack, a curated collection of Miss Dennings’s favourite flavours of the sparkling drink. In the video, titled “Pouring over Spiked with Kat Dennings” part of Spindrift’s new motion series, Kat answers a string of assorted questions while preparing Panzanella salad. She mentions growing up in a haunted house, which you can read all about here. Of the video, she said the following:

I was so excited to film this special lil Q&A for @spindriftspiked, the alcoholic version of my all-time favorite beverage! We talk about what’s in my fridge and fantasy football’s right to exist, among other fascinating tidbits. I also sprinkle salt on a salad! Check out @spindriftspiked for the full video! #SpindriftPartner

Kat Dennings via Instagram.

You can read the full transcript for the video here. Screencaptures coming soon!

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October 26, 2022 3:50 am

Ms. Kat,
I’m a straight foreword person. I’m not really into white women, but, for some reason, you fascinate me. Just to get that off my chest. You will probably never see this, but like I said, just to get this off my chest.