Kat Dennings terminates her Twitter

Kat Dennings no longer has a Twitter account. Since yesterday, accessing the officialkat handle returns an error. In response to Elon Musk’s first days as boss of the bird app, several celebrities have quit Twitter, giving preference to other social media. The list includes Whoopi Goldberg, Gigi Hadid and Stephen Fry. And now, our very own Kat. As for the reasons behind the departure, they all stem from Musk’s decisions to change the verification process into a paid model which might confuse audiences more than help them, to send many employees home at a global scale; as well as from worries as to where the mogul’s interpretation of free speech might conflate with hate speech, far-right and antisemitic groups not being unknown to the platform. Exactly which condition, if indeed singular, prompted Kat to follow Fry et al., we don’t know.

On her Instagram stories (at katdenningsss), Kat poked fun at the situation with a thumbs-down caught in an old Conan appearance and an amusing template for thoughts.

As for denningsdiaries, our website’s handle on the same platform, it remains open to peruse; the future of it is unknown, along with that of so many other fan accounts which, in spite of clear messages of being so at an unofficial capacity, not intending to deceit viewers by tricking them into thinking the profiles represent official/personal accounts, may find themselves terminated under false claims of impersonation. We will not, and indeed cannot afford to, pay for a membership, even if it means staying afloat. With Kat’s departure from the network, such a prospect makes even less sense. If the account becomes inactive without warning, let it be known it was terminated by Twitter and not ourselves. In the meantime, we will consider whether we follow Kat’s steps.

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