Sticky: hiatus notice

Hello, everyone. It’s been clear for a while now, but today I’m making it official: Kat Dennings Diaries is on hiatus. This does not mean the site is being let go off, far from it, but there have not been any news at all to post, besides Kat’s appearance in Marvel’s special series MPower, which in turn was recorded during the WandaVision era. Currently, there are no current or upcoming projects for Kat that I know of, which makes the keeping of a website most difficult on the daily.

This being said, there is still much to be done. Thanks to Divine Candice, I’m slowly adding to the 2 Broke Girls screencaptures section in the gallery, and there are many other projects or videos I want to build on myself, as well as to replace previously uploaded pictures with their higher quality counterparts. Concurrently, work on the website’s pages is, always and ever, an ongoing project of its own. And I still want to create a proper video vault with a bunch of neat features, courtesy of Kaci.

So, instead of fully pulling the breaks on the website, what can we do? You can help me, us, stay active by donating media content that we’re missing, of which outtakes and rare images are most welcome. If you’re an essayist with an article touching on a project of Kat’s you would like to explore, drop a DM to appear as a guest author. As a fan, you can add your name to the fanlisting so as to keep its timestamp updated. Finally, if you’d like to help with the site expenses so it can remain online to welcome Kat back into acting when she does, do send a direct message for a monetary donation.

Kat Dennings Diaries is on HIATUS but it’s NOT going anywhere!

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