Greetings, everyone. It’s not with a light heart that I finally make this post. The most shrewd among you might have noticed that I failed to publish a 4th-anniversary notice when 2024 started, this, because I don’t feel like there is much to celebrate any longer.

For the past four years, I have poured my all into this website. For my love of Kat and the fun of it. I have consistently looked for ways to upgrade it, expand it, have it become the fansite of my dreams, because I love content. I wanted to chronicle Kat’s life and career, hence the name Kat Dennings Diaries. For the better part of a year, this has felt more like a chore or moral obligation than an act of actual devotion, something gleeful. Kat Dennings has hardly been in any projects, let alone those I can squeeze much content out of. Recently, she returned for the second season of Marvel’s What If…? to voice Darcy Lewis, and before that she kept on voicing Death for Audible’s adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman. While I am sure Hulu’s axing of Dollface came as a shock to all, the truth remains this: I am keeping a website on an actress who is not acting. I haven’t had news of any new projects since 2023, and it’s unhealthy to keep a website at this point based on the premise that Darcy Lewis will appear again for comic relief.

As much as I enjoy keeping this website, as proud as I am of it, this does not come for free. Since its inception in 2020, my situation has changed plenty but my income hasn’t. With a minimum wage, I have been able to face hosting and renewal fees, for a while helped by a friend when I did not have any money at all. Selfish as my sentiment is, I feel it must be uttered: I cannot keep spending my money for a website that is going nowhere. I know some websites on retired or deceased actors stay open as tribute, but that is something I cannot afford.

Thus, I am terminating Kat Dennings Diaries. Thanks to everyone who supported this website over the years. To those who gave it love, a view. To those who were kind enough to help me with pictures, bugs and other such fansite shenanigans. A special thanks to Zach, Kaci, Steph, Ana and David for their help over the years, and to Divine Candice for so many screencaptures. I am not proud for this... But I'm definitely proud of the website I made. I hope I helped get to know Kat Dennings, her work, was a good source to her fans.

Yours truly,