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    That Kat Dennings Girl

    2014, Winter   |   Written by Kanara Ty

    …who has stolen hearts with her comedic genius. She talks of near death by seaweed, being protective over her 2 Broke Girls co-star, her decade-old blog, and more. Kat Dennings is about to become a household name.

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    When I learned that 2 Broke Girls star Kat Dennings had an obsession with seaweed, I knew she was someone real special. Like any other curious journalist, I took some time to surf the actress’s blog (www.katdennings.com). Turns out I got a little more than I bargained for. “That’s been up for 10 years. Maybe more, because I’m 27. I started that when I was 15-years-old. It’s super embarrassing because it’s my diary on the internet. If you go all the way back, it’s a typical teenage girl’s diary,” Dennings explained.

    In our interview, I continued to grill her about her blog —more specifically, the post titled “You know you’re Kat Dennings when” — to which I learned that she could have played Criss Angel’s body double after sporting a shaggy wig in a movie she was filming. I also found out about her collection of novelty cups (she drank out of one the morning before our interview) and her abnormal love for dried seaweed, an obsession Dennings says has gotten so out of hand that her mother had to intervene.

    “I have a serious problem. It’s been investigated by my mother. It got to the point where that was all that I was eating. I got to about 20 packs a day. I was obsessed. There was something going on in my body where I was like, I need more. I couldn’t stop. My mom was like, ‘You’re going to die,’ and she called the company who makes the seaweed and asked them how much was too much. They did say 20 was too much. Four or five (packs) was normal. That was an incident and I’ve cut down since then. And, I’m still alive. That would have been a really pathetic way to die. Gone at 27 from eating too much seaweed.”  Of course, we’re glad that Kat is alive and well — she’s now back to work filming the third season of 2 Broke Girls. She took some time to talk to Zooey about what to expect in the hit sitcom’s third season, as well as friendships (Beth Behrs!), relationships (Nick Zano!), being the world’s biggest Hanson fan, and what it’s really like to be an actress in Hollywood.

    What are your thoughts going into the third season?

    I’m really excited. It’s funny because we get so much time off compared to normal people’s jobs. It’s almost like school. We have nine months of shooting and three months off during the summer. I’m really excited to see everyone.

    What should fans expect as the season progresses?

    All that we really know (because they like us to keep us out of the loop) is that the girls will finally have some success for the first time with the cupcake walk-up window. I also hear Max will have a love interest this season. Who he is, what he is doing — no clue. That’s all we know.

    Can you comment on some the growth of Max and Caroline has changed from first season?

    I think she’s become more open and loose with having fun. She was never much of a fun person. I think she was work, work, work, and no time for anything else. For Caroline, it’s become more than tips and working. I think Caroline has taken some of Max’s qualities and Max has taken some of Caroline’s.

    What are some similarities you find between you and Max?

    I started off the show not thinking we were anything alike. Now that I’ve been doing this for a while, I realize we’re extremely similar. I literally am her more than I am myself. It’s a unique weirdness of playing an actor: you play a character longer than your real personality. I think it’s also because the writers and I have become closer friends. They’re sort of merging Kat with Max — like Kax. You become more comfortable in the character — you let more of yourself in. It becomes more enjoyable. Everything becomes more organic and flowing. It’s not like switching the character on and off anymore.

    Describe the moment you got the role for 2 Broke Girls. Where were you? What were you thinking?

    I had just finished making the first Thor movie. I was feeling like I was in a good place. You know how Marvel movies are a big deal — it’s a pretty exclusive club. You feel vindicated and you think, ‘I’ve done it.’ You feel like you’ve been let into a special actors circle. The movie was coming out in a month or two and I was doing press for it. And then I got the offer for the show. I had told my agent that I did not want to do any television. I had done a little bit, but I just want wanted to do movies. Don’t show me any television. Having said that, I get a call from my agent and he said, ‘I know you said no TV, but we have something here. If you don’t want to do it, then you really don’t want to do TV.’ They told me about it and they showed me the script, and goddamnit, it was just great. It made me reconsider what I was trying to do. Do I try to do film and stay on this path I was on? Or do I try to take a risk and maybe have something great and different?

    I met with Michael Patrick King (who I met before when I was a kid) and Whitney Cummings (who is a force of nature and a genius). We met up and we had sushi, and they literally just seduced me. They entranced me. I was under the spell of the both of them. By the time we had some sort of tempura, I had said yes already. I was completely sold. It turned out to be such a great decision. I kind of held out for a week. I talked to everyone about it. I said yes — and that was it. Thor came out and I made the pilot — and it tested really high (in the history of CBS).

    What has it been like to transition from film to television?

    I haven’t done television before where the series was going to run for a while. You play a character for four months and it’s over. I’m used to being done with playing a character. Now it feels very natural. My first love is film. I like the ritual of making a film. I like getting the script. Figuring out your character, meeting your crew, and making new friends. I do love that. I love making movies and I love watching movies. Television is such an amazing thing to do. As an actor, having a job that you always have, having an income, is maybe the most impossible thing as an actor. You don’t know when your next paycheck is coming in as an actor. It’s almost as if a unicorn flies over you and sprinkles you with magic unicorn dust. I know it sounds cheesy, but it’s a real blessing to know you can pay your rent for the whole year before you even start. A day does not pass where I don’t feel lucky for that.

    What was your first acting scene with Beth?

    It was Beth’s network test, her last audition before she got the role. I flew out to Los Angeles because I was shooting a movie elsewhere. I flew there on a Sunday. I met her and she was the cutest. I loved her immediately. We had to read a scene in front of the network. For anyone who hasn’t been in those rooms, it’s one of the most terrifying feelings. If it’s a network test, you’re down to the last three or four actors for the role. This is the last step. You sign a contract in the lobby before your audition. After you’ve signed your life away, you then go and read in front of 15 people in a room. No one laughs at you and no one makes a sound. It’s very rare for them to laugh. If you ever watched the SNL auditions, it’s like that. It’s really a really awful environment. I’ve been in that room many times, and it’s rare not to cry afterwards. Beth and I got in front of that room. I knew what she was feeling. I felt incredibly protective of her. I thought, I have to protect this girl. I didn’t want this girl to feel any pain ever. We read together — and she was charming and brilliant in the role. Perfect for the role. I think a few chuckles came out of the abyss. I was wondering if I would get fired after they saw me read. Nothing bad happened – and it was a success. She was hired almost instantly. I called and emailed everyone I could think of and told them you guys are out of your minds if you don’t hire her – she’s perfection. And here we are. I feel that that protection translates onto the screen because I feel like Max (even though she won’t say it) could murder someone for Caroline. It’s one of the things I love most about the show. It’s also a shame that the portrayals of woman tend to sometimes to be competitive.. just catty. It’s so different from real friendships and real relationships If any of my friends were like that and felt that about me… I wouldn’t be friends with them. Real friendships with women are so deep, intricate, and loving. I like seeing that in Caroline and Max. It’s more accurate. They’re best friends. They may fight and bicker — but there’s no competitiveness. I love it.

    Any challenges on the show?

    It is mentally a lot — with the amount of dialogue we have. We literally don’t have the final script until the day we do the show. It changes every day. We’re usually saying the lines for the first time. It’s definitely something Beth and I excel at now. It’s definitely something I didn’t know I could do before. Thank God that I can — if I couldn’t, there would be no show. In the beginning, it was very difficult and almost emotional. You hear these other shows operate — like The Big Bang Theory. They shoot three-hour shows and everyone goes home. What a sitcom is like and what ours is like is clearly different. Second season was a lot easier because we knew what was going to happen. Third season, I’m more prepared. I’m not scared of it. It almost became with a game with myself — how much can I actually memorize. Now, I could probably
    memorize the phone book!

    What’s been the most fun episode you’ve filmed to date?

    We have an episode with Piers Morgan. It was towards the end of the second season. For some reason, it was such an easy and fun episode to make. Piers Morgan was hilarious. I enjoy physical comedy. I got to be under his desk and put things in front of him with my hands. Beth did a great job. It was just a good episode for both of us. Any kind of episode that is an easy episode — it’s the most fun. You never want to do anything else.

    If you weren’t acting, what would you be doing now?

    [My parents weren’t fond of] of the idea of me going into acting. It’s probably because they were good parents. It’s a pretty bad idea. It’s a pretty bad idea for any young person to decide to go into a profession where it’s impossible to succeed in. I say that, because that the odds of booking roles are very slim. They were also concerned about me ending up in a ditch off some road in Los Angeles somewhere. I mean, it’s like any parent would like their kid to have the most secure and safest job possible, so they can feel good — like, they’ve done what they were supposed to do. When they saw that I was working and how happy it made me, they were thrilled for me.

    Did you ever wonder if you’d end up in similar careers like your parents?

    I’ve thought about this. The idea at the time when I was college-age (18) and I had that decision to make — I was definitely not ready for that. I was homeschooled. I didn’t do well in a typical school environment. I just learn a bit differently from other kids, that’s the reason I was homeschooled. Now, I would like to go to college. If and when this show eventually ends, that’s one thing I do want to do. That’s a luxury to be able to say, ‘Well, I don’t have to figure out my profession to make money.’ I can learn about something I’m interested in. If I had gone the typical path, I wouldn’t have gone into the medical profession. I probably would have gone into science since my dad is a biochemist and I’m super interested in geology and the organic sciences. He specialized in cancer research. It’s a language I can’t even pretend to understand. Now, I’d probably study literature. Although, if I’d gone to school now, I don’t think anyone would accept me because I have nothing to offer. Yeah, I’ve been on a TV show and I’ve been to Canada a lot. Let me in!

    Can you talk about how they’ve expanded your role as Darcy Lewis for the Thor sequel? What are some things we can look forward to (like any particular scenes)?

    I can’t reveal anything, but I can say that they made Darcy’s role significantly bigger from the last film. I was shocked to see I wasn’t cut out of the last movie. It’s nice to have, in every action or fantasy movie, one person who is the voice of the audience. That’s Darcy in the Thor movies. It’s a perfect foil for what’s going on. They added a lot of stuff for her to do. A lot of really fun sequences. I had a wonderful time doing that. I shot that in London, England — the same time as the second season of 2 Broke Girls.

    So it’s true you’re dating Nick Zano, who was on the show with you? How was it like working with him on the show? Are you hoping he’ll make a comeback to the show in the future for a possible romance?

    It was just a wonderful synchronicity of everything put in front of you. Honestly, being an actor, you have zero free time. Never thought I would meet someone again. Let alone someone as wonderful as Nick. For me, selfishly, I love it when he’s there because it makes me feel better. It makes me have an easier time, more fun. I generally feel more sane. However, getting any info out of these writers…it’s impossible. Everywhere, Nick and I go together, people come up to us and say, ‘When is Johnny com-ing back on the show? We’re like ‘We don’t know!’ He’s a fan favorite. Distancing myself from the reality of it, I think he is Max’s first real love. And she will never get over him. This show could run for a long time, possibly. I would never tell them to write him off. I think he’s a force on the show. If you look at the set, his drawings are still there. That’s a clue that she’s not over him and has some hope left.

    You appeared in the Hanson video “Get the Girl Back” with Nikki Reed. Were you always a fan of Hanson? Tell me about the filming of the video — any interesting interaction with the band at all?

    I’ve been a fan of Hanson since I was seven-years-old. Getting to be in a Hanson video was like a supernova inside a tornado inside another supernova. I couldn’t believe it. They’re my buds. Taylor is my friend. They’ve become friends of mine. I am an out-of-the-closet, open Hanson fan. I followed them on Twitter as soon as I joined. I would periodically check if they were following me and they never were. Then the show premiered and I checked again — and they were following me. Which was obviously the biggest deal ever. As soon as I saw that, I messaged them on Twitter and we started talking, I explained I was a big huge fan for so long. Almost a year went by, and Taylor texted me and asked me if I ever wanted to appear in a Hanson video. I didn’t even do the cool, five-minute wait of to answer — I answered immediately in all caps — YES!

    What’s one of the biggest challenges you’ve faced so far as an actress?

    The immense amount of rejection that comes along with act-ing. Maybe at a normal job interview, they let you know you don’t get the job. In this case, you will audition for something, and they’ll give you feedback: we liked her, but she’s too Jew-ish and too skinny. She’s too fat, not right for it, we’re looking someone prettier. People will say she’s not pretty enough, not skinny enough, too ethnic, too thin. People will say brutal, mean things that are so cold and cruel and nothing you could ever say to anyone. It’s ruthless. So that is extremely difficult, emotional, and damaging to anyone. Let alone a young woman. A lot of times for the actors, you’re not where you grew up. I don’t know many actors that are from Los Angeles. It’s not very common. You’re far from home. You don’t have many friends. You’re trying to look a certain way. It’s a rough thing to get into. I’m very lucky because my family is so involved in my life. It kept me centered. That’s a real thing that people need to know when they are going into acting.

    What’s the advice you have for aspiring actors?

    Don’t do it. Don’t do it unless you have an incredible sense of self or have faith in yourself. A connection to yourself. If you’re susceptible to someone saying something mean to you, and it completely undoes you, this is not the right place for you to be. I used to be like that, but I also had my mom tell me that they’re out of their minds and don’t listen to them. This is about you. Sometimes I’ll still call her, but she’ll talk me down. For some reason, when I was young, I was so positive it was going to work out. I was so positive, that there was no doubt in my mind I was going to be an actress. That stupid confidence that came from nothing got me where I am today. Every time they would reject me, I would be like, ‘Oh, my God, they just need to get their eyes checked —they were out of their minds’. I was so cocky for no reason and I thought everyone was wrong and they didn’t get me. It worked out — but it doesn’t work out for a lot of people. It’s a tough place to put your unique effort.

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