July 26th, 2021
 Spindrift Sparkling Water

Year 2021
Company Spindrift Beverage Co.
Industry Beverage
Featured products Several
Advertising category Instagram sponsorship

Spindrift is an American soda and seltzer company. Spindrift’s marketing emphasizes that there is 5-8% real fruit juice in every can of its sparkling water, as opposed to the “natural flavors” used by competitors. This page enlists the several ways in which Kat has partnered with the company through her social media and other actions — updates might be pending.

On July 12, Kat posted to her Instagram a selfie holding a can of Spindrift’s sparkling water, grapefruit variety. In her caption, she revealed an appreciation for the brand prior to being approached for a sponsorship on the platform. The company re-posted the picture to their own account’s stories feature on July 27, thus officially welcoming Kat to their family.

On August 11, Kat posted to her Instagram a video of herself in a Spindrift sweatshirt, accompanied by a selfie where the brand’s Half & Half variety, tea and lemon flavoured, is prominently featured in the foreground. Next day, it was the beverage company that shared a new photo of Kat wearing the much to promote their givewaway.

IS THAT A GENUINE SMILE COMING OUT OF MY FACE?! IT IS THE SMILE OF SOMEONE WHO FINALLY HOODWINKED HER FAVORITE BEVERAGE INTO SPONSORING HER…IT’S SPINDRIFT SPARKLING WATER, BABY. Never in my life have I approached a brand ASKING to partner with them out of sheer adoration. As a passionate (yet not remotely professional) gardener, I’ve become obsessed with only allowing REAL FRUIT (not “natural flavor” – actual fruit) into my consumables. Once I realized that everything I was drinking was “flavored”, I went on the hunt. I discovered @drinkspindrift which is the FIRST sparkling water made with 100% ONLY REAL SQUEEZED FRUIT and I became an absolute psycho, slowly converting my friends and family to the Drifter lifestyle. I may be part Spindrift at this point, as it is actually the only water I drink. Anyway. More to come. #realfruittastesbetter#spindriftpartner

12 July 2021

Ummmmm so @drinkspindrift also has a hard seltzer and it is incredible @spindriftspiked YES PLEASE #realfruittastesbetter #spindriftpartner #ad21+ #drinkresponsibly

23 July 2021

Everyone knows that I am a VERY in-demand fashion model and on my days off I simply LIVE in my Drifter sweatshirt. The people need to know @drinkspindrift #realfruittastesbetter #spindriftpartner #drifterfam

11 August 2021

A Drifter /’drift-er/ (noun) : Someone who drinks Spindrift AND is completely real, authentic, and unabashedly themselves. See also: @katdenningsss. We were beside ourselves when Kat slid into our DMs and told us she loved our product. 😊 We’ve been into her vibe for-ever-ever. And ya know, she’s a total Drifter: herself to the core. Lover of quality, craft, and small moments of joy. Speaking of small moments of joy, we created a limited edition Drifter hoodie to celebrate members of our community who, like Kat, totally get it. Let’s give 10 hoodies away to some Driftery Drifters among us. To enter, tell us in a comment about a moment when you were real, authentic, and unabashedly yourself.


12 August 2021 (via drinkspindrift)

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