How May We Hate You?

How May We Hate You? was a comedy TV movie directed by Will Gluck, written by Justin Noble, and set to release in 2018. The plot revolves around a group of co-workers at a high-end resort who gripe about their guests, all while putting on a happy face for them. Cast included Kat Dennings, Angela Kinsey, Nicole Byer and Derek Richardson. In addition to playing the role of Ellie, Kat Dennings had producer credits. We are unsure whether this movie was ever actually released or archived all the same.


Unsold TV pilot based on the 1998 fantasy drama Practical Magic about a family of mostly good witches dealing with troubled men and prejudice. Kat was set to play the character of Antonia Owens.

The Snobs

The Snobs was meant to be a TV movie set to release in the year of 2003. The plot remains unknown, but Kat was set to play the character of Isabel.