Character Cute Girl
Directed by Adam Neustadter
Produced by Good Company
Other cast Hanson, Drake Bell, Nikki Reed, Alex Beh
Release date 2013

Get the Girl Back is a song written and performed by American pop/rock band Hanson. It is the only single from their album Anthem (2013). For the music video, producers reached out to actors known to be fans of the band, as is the case of Kat, who had previously professed her love for the band.

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What Kat Says

I’ve loved them since I was like 7 years old, and through the power of Twitter and the magic of the Internet, we became friends with each other. We’ve gone to dinner, all became friends. Taylor and I have sent each other books, no big whoop.
[Taylor] asked if I would be in their music video. I didn’t even let, like, the courtesy five minutes pass by after the text. I was like, ‘Yes! Anywhere, anytime. I’ll do it for free. I don’t give a f**k.’

LQ Music video for Get The Girl Back.