Character Jules Wiley
Created by Jordan Weiss
Other cast Brenda Song, Shay Mitchell, Esther Povitsky
Release date 15 November 2019 (USA)
Genre Comedy
Running time 31 minutes


Dollface is an American comedy web television series created by Jordan Weiss that premiered on November 15, 2019, on Hulu. It stars Kat Dennings, Brenda Song, Shay Mitchell, and Esther Povitsky.

The series follows “a young woman who – after being dumped by her longtime boyfriend – must deal with her own imagination in order to literally and metaphorically re-enter the world of women, and rekindle the female friendships she left behind.”

In addition to taking on the lead role on the show (that of Jules Wiley), Kat is also an executive producer for the show.

Episode guide

Season 1

Episode 1: Guy’s Girl  When Jules’ longtime boyfriend Jeremy unexpectedly breaks up with her, she realizes the importance of female friendships. She attempts to reconnect with former best friend Madison, but she feels that Jules neglected her friends during her relationship. Nevertheless, Jules convinces Madison and Stella to go with her to a party thrown by Woöm. The women are all having fun at the party, until Madison gets upset when Jules fails to understand why women accompany each other to the bathroom. To make matters worse, Stella goes missing after entering a stranger’s van. Jules runs into Jeremy outside the party, and when Madison sees the two talking, she assumes they are getting back together. Instead, Jules chooses to leave with Madison to search for Stella, bringing them closer together. They eventually find Stella at a restaurant with Dave Coulier.


Episode 2: Homebody  Jules realizes she needs to move out of the apartment she used to share with Jeremy. She seeks advice from Madison and Stella, but she inadvertently sparks an argument between the two due to their differing opinions – Stella suggests that Jules go traveling, while Madison encourages her to move into a larger apartment. After Jules accepts Izzy’s offer to stay in her extra bedroom, Izzy ends up causing Madison and Stella’s rift to escalate while using Jules’ phone, as Jules accidentally falls over and sprains her ankle. At the hospital, Madison and Stella resolve their differences and assure they love each other. Madison also reveals she is dating a doctor. Jules eventually decides to sublet a guest house she had found earlier, which her friends help set up.


Episode 3: Mystery Brunette Madison invites Jules to a client’s launch party, but Jules discovers that Madison invited Stella first. Stella admits that she will attend Joey Lawrence’s secret party, asking Jules not to tell Madison. At the party, Jules confronts Madison, who reveals that she invited her boyfriend Colin first, but he wants to keep their relationship private. Jules accidentally discloses to a journalist that Madison’s client, a vegan chef, secretly eats meat. In order to protect her client, Madison tells the journalist of Joey’s party. There, Stella tells Jules that a magic show involving Joey’s “death” (later revealed to be a prank) will take place. Madison, who is terrified of magic, faints. Upon awakening, Madison reveals to her friends that Colin is in the process of obtaining a divorce. Ramona calls Jules, saying she still wants Jules to be her bridesmaid. Jules lies to her friends about attending a cousin’s upcoming wedding.


Episode 4: Fun Friend  Stella invites Jules to go out with her and her wild, fun-loving mother, since she needs someone “boring” to prevent things from getting out of control. During their night out, Stella announces she applied to business school, but her mother does not take her seriously and Jules passes out drunk. Determined to prove she is not boring, Jules takes Stella on a fun night out, but the two end up on a boat to Alaska. With Madison’s assistance, Izzy – who is known as “Other Alison B.” at work – reveals her real name to the Alisons, while concocting a story about changing her name due to an obsessive ex-boyfriend. Tired of not being taken seriously, Stella acts out by behaving like the party girl people expect her to be, until Jules demands that the boat is turned around. Jules eventually accepts that she does not need to be as fun as Stella, while Stella plans for her future.


Episode 5: Beauty Queen  Colin suggests meeting Madison’s friends over dinner. While unsuccessfully attempting to cook, Madison urges Stella and Izzy to act mature in order to impress Colin. An uncomfortable Jules hosts Ramona’s bachelorette party, which is cut short after Ramona’s face is accidentally burned with a curling iron. Madison, Stella, and Izzy rush over to Jules’ house unannounced in order to host the dinner party, unaware of the penis-themed decorations from the bachelorette party. As Colin arrives, the dinner party turns out to be awkward, unlike the sophisticated gathering Madison had envisioned. Jules’ cat Turtle vomits after eating penis-shaped confections, prompting her to call Wes, a veterinarian she met earlier. Madison admits to Colin that she was trying to impress him, while Jules and Wes hit it off.


Episode 6: History Buff   Stella is appalled to discover Madison has intervened in her life on many occasions, including preventing Stella from seeing Dan, of whom Madison disapproves. Stella decides to reconnect with Dan, and Madison accuses him of being the Bread Bowl Killer, who murdered a woman outside a Panera Bread restaurant years before. Jules sees Jeremy with Melyssa at a museum, moments before an earthquake forces the place into an emergency lockdown. She later walks up to Jeremy, but is arrested for looting the museum. On the way to the museum, Madison and Stella argue as the former insists on proving Dan is the killer. Dan proves his innocence by confessing he was masturbating in his car on the night of the murder, prompting the women to kick him off. Jeremy reveals to Jules he felt guilty for once refusing to visit a museum with her when they were together, which is why he is at the museum with Melyssa. Jules is released and leaves with her friends.


Episode 7: F*** Buddy  When Jules accidentally likes one of Melyssa’s Instagram pictures, her friends encourage her to move on from Jeremy by engaging in casual sex with someone who is not “boyfriend material”; Jules does so with an attractive man named Ryan. Stella fears that Oliver, the man she house-sits for and has casual sex with, might be under the assumption that they are in a committed relationship – which later turns out to be a misunderstanding on Stella’s part. Madison is upset when her attempts to make Colin jealous backfire. Jules’ friends disapprove of her upon discovering that Wes spent the night at her place, prompting Madison to take the group to a college friend’s birthday party. Jules runs into Wes at the party, and she admits that while she is interested in him, she is not ready for a new relationship. When Colin picks up a drunken Madison, he confesses his love for her.


Episode 8: Mama Bear  Jules reluctantly agrees to attend Woöm’s annual wellness retreat at Celeste’s Malibu home. There, Jules discovers that Colin is Celeste’s husband, causing her to vomit. Izzy presumes that Jules is pregnant, especially after a spiritual guide had earlier told her that something is growing inside her. Jules returns home and takes a pregnancy test, which comes back negative. Upon facing Madison, Jules becomes nervous and lies about being pregnant. When a drunken Stella makes a scene at USC after learning she did not get into business school, Jules and Madison come to her aid. As Madison discovers Jules’ negative pregnancy test, Jules discloses that Colin is still married to Celeste, but Madison refuses to believe it and instead lashes out at Jules. Following a tearful argument, Madison walks out on Jules.


Episode 9: Feminist  In a dream sequence inspired by The Wizard of Oz, Celeste becomes suspicious after finding a pair of red shoes in her beach house. In order to cover for Madison, Jules claims the shoes for herself, though Celeste persistently pressures Jules into revealing the truth. At the Women’s March, Jules is joined by Stella, Madison (who is still in denial about Colin’s marriage), and Izzy as they set out to find the event’s speaker, Sylvia Goldwyn. Upon reaching Sylvia, each of the four women asks her questions about being a feminist, to which Sylvia responds that feminism does not have a single definition. Celeste eventually apologizes to Jules for involving her in her marital problems. After awakening from her dream, Jules receives a voice message from Jeremy, asking if she is bringing a date to Ramona’s wedding party and informing her that he is bringing Melyssa.


Episode 10: Bridesmaid  Jules travels to Mexico for Ramona’s wedding. After Stella and Izzy convince Madison to make amends with Jules, they arrive at Jules’ hotel room shortly after Jeremy asks to get back together with her. Madison becomes furious upon discovering that Jules lied about attending a cousin’s wedding, while Jules feels constantly judged and ends up lashing out at her friends, prompting them to leave. On the drive back, Stella accidentally drives off the road after being startled by an old friend, Bronwyn, who introduces Stella, Madison, and Izzy to an all-women collective of artists that promotes female bonding. Upset by the news that Stella was accepted into business school and will move to Philadelphia, Madison drinks peyote and hallucinates about Jules and Jeremy’s wedding. The next day, Jules’ friends return to the wedding, as she and Madison apologize to each other. When Colin and Celeste show up, Jules grabs a microphone and exposes Colin as a cheater. The four friends steal Ramona’s wedding car and drive back to Los Angeles.

Season 2
Season 2 premieres in 2022.


This is Kat’s first role after 2 Broke Girls. Kat has confessed that she’s contemplated quitting acting once the CBS phenomenon was finished and go back to college in order to gain a skill for a “real job”.

Kat tries to keep a vegetable-based lifestyle and a big advocate for animal welfare, two characteristics which have been translated into the show.

Season 2 production dates July to September 2021.