Character Sarah Stewart
Created by Jonathan Katz
Produced by Albion Productions, Paramount Television
Other cast Bob Saget, Brie Larson, Jerry Adler
Premiere date 5 October 2001
Episodes All episodes.
Genre Sitcom
Running time 22 minutes


Raising Dad is an American sitcom that aired on The WB from October 2001 to May 2010. It ran for a single season. Starring Bob Saget, the series focuses on the life of widower Matt Stewart as he does his best to raise his two daughters, Sarah (played by Kat) and Emily (played by Brie Larson), with the help of his live-in father, Sam (Jerry Adler), a former baseball player for the Boston Red Sox. To make things worse, Matt teaches English at Sarah’s school.

As one of the main characters, Kat has appeared in all episodes of the show.

Season 1

Episode 1: Pilot  In the series pilot, widowed dad Matt Stewart learns that he has to censor topics in his classroom to please his daughter Sarah, who doesn’t want to hear his banter. Meanwhile, younger daughter Emily fakes being sick to get out of school.

Episode 2: Sex Ed Matt subs in Sarah’s Sex Ed. class and gets a surprise when he reaches into a box filled with anonymously written questions. Meanwhile, Sam forgets where he parked his car at the mall.

Episode 3: Baby, You Can’t Drive my Car:  Sarah gets her learner’s permit and is determined to get her license, but driving lessons with her father aren’t going so well. Matt’s overprotective attitude eventually steers Sarah to find a different driving instructor behind his back.

Episode 4: For Mature Audiences Only  Sarah and Olivia want to sneak into an R-rated film, but Matt insists that they take Emily along with them since the writers’ group is coming over. But Emily has her own idea of which movie she wants to see and talks her way into the theater.

Episode 5: Fight for Your Right to Party  Sarah gets invited by a popular senior to one of the hottest parties of the year, but Matt forbids her to go. Meanwhile, Emily is trying everything in her power to start a kids’ version of the book of world records.

Episode 6: We’ll Always Have Scrabble  Matt gets upset when Sarah blows off family game night, so he buys tickets to a Limp Bizkit concert in order to spend more time with her.

Episode 7: The Drama Club  Sarah is in a predicament as the director of the school play when she casts two people for the same part. Matt deals with not knowing how to fire the housekeeper.

Episode 8: The New Room  Sarah wants her own room after she finds out that Emily and her friend Henry broke into Sarah’s diary. With her privacy at stake, Sarah is determined to convince her father that a new room would curb the sisters’ fighting.

Episode 9: Teacher Evaluations  Teacher evaluation day is here and the staff makes a contest of their reviews. Matt figures he’s a shoo-in to win (again), but he just taught his class about irony and the students decide to put the lesson to use by playing a trick on the English teacher.

Episode 10: Matt&  Sarah has a date with the new transfer student at school, but when Matt finds out, he tells her confidential information that could start gossip. Meanwhile, Emily and Sam lose Matt’s prized Ted Williams baseball card.

Episode 11: First Date  Matt goes out with an attractive author who spoke to his English class, but Emily has a hard time with her dad dating. Meanwhile, Sam goes to Bulk Brothers and buys too many household goods.

Episode 12: Sam’s Enchanted Evening  Matt is having a hard time at home when Sarah keeps defying her curfew and Emily wants to go buy a training bra. Meanwhile, he has a fight with Sam after the older man goes on a date and doesn’t come home until the next morning.

Episode 13: Mentor Matt  Matt’s former student (Rich Cronin of LFO) makes a splash with the student body when he returns to visit his old school, until Sarah finds out that he plagiarized her dad’s work.

Episode 14: The Math Problem  Sarah is so upset that she doesn’t have a date for the winter formal that her grades in math are slipping, so Matt hires an algebra tutor who may hold the solution to more than one problem.

Episode 15: Attending a Family Dysfunction  For Sam’s birthday, Sarah decides to give him a surprise present: his long-lost daughter Debbie (Deana Carter). But the reunion proves to be a little bumpy since Debbie and Sam aren’t talking.

Episode 16: Miss Communication  Sarah decides that she wants to take a job at the skating rink, but Matt wants her to work in the Attendance Office at school. Meanwhile, Sam gets a new gadget that’s supposed to help him stay organized.

Episode 17: A Kiss Is Still a Kiss  Matt offers to take the vice principal to a wedding after her boyfriend dumps her, and to his surprise he has a great time. Unfortunately, Sarah seems to have a problem with how Matt’s date turns out.

Episode 18: Home Plates  Sarah throws a dinner party for her friends, but she gets upset when the guy she asked to be her date brings a date of his own. Meanwhile, Matt and Sam take a trip to Fenway Park to remember one of Sam’s former baseball friends.

Episode 19: The House of Stewart  Matt finds out about Sarah’s plan to get her current crush, Jared, to go on a date with her, and decides to meddle in her business. Back at the Stewart house, the sound of the neighbor’s barking dog is grating on everyone’s nerves.

Episode 20: Bully  Sarah is in a bind when a girl in her math class wants to cheat off her test. The teen says no, but her refusal could lead to a fight. Meanwhile, Emily and her friend Marvin (Lil’ Romeo) learn a few card tricks.

Episode 21: Daughter Nose Best  Sarah decides that she wants to get a nose job after she starts comparing herself to the prettiest girl in school. So she devises a plan to hide the surgery from her disapproving dad, who refuses to sign the consent forms.

Episode 22: Losing It  Sarah contemplates taking her relationship with Jared to a new level after he tells her he is spending the summer with his dad in sunny California. Back at the Stewart house, Matt decides to go on a weekend getaway with Nina (Lisa Locicero).