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Sparrow - Jan 11, 2022
Dollface season 2 poster
Dollface Projects
Sparrow - Jan 11, 2022
Trailer for Dollface season 2
Dollface Media Projects

ET Online has just shared the first trailer for the upcoming season of Dollface. In it, we see Jules and her best friends trying to make up for lost time after spending over a year indoors due to the pandemic. As the girls approach 30, they’ll have to adjust to being back in the world again, all while navigating work, love and a deeper relationship with each of themselves.

Watch it below.

Sparrow - Dec 23, 2021
Dollface S02E05 press release and publicity stills
Dollface Gallery Projects Series

S2 Episode 205 ‘Miss Codependent’

When Jules feels that her friend group is unraveling, she revives their made-up friendship holiday, Codependence Day. Madison gets closer to old friend Ruby despite Jules’s skepticism about her. Stella tries to prove her commitment to Liv.

Sparrow - Dec 22, 2021
Dollface S02E04 press release and publicity stills
Dollface Gallery Projects Series

S2 Episode 204 ‘Power Player’

The ladies wrestle with power dynamics in their relationships and work lives. Jules finds herself in a love triangle. Stella tries to gain control in the bedroom. Izzy struggles to prove herself to Celeste. Madison runs into a well-connected old friend.

Sparrow - Dec 21, 2021
Dollface S02E03 press release and publicity stills
Dollface Gallery Projects Series

S2 Episode 203 ‘Boss Lady’

Jules deals with being sexually frustrated, while Madison meets an edgy prospective client. Stella mixes business and pleasure with Liv, her partner on the new work venture. Izzy and her boyfriend collaborate on a project.

Sparrow - Dec 20, 2021
Dollface S02E01 and S02E02 press releases and publicity stills
Dollface Gallery Projects Series

S2 Episode 201 ‘Travel Agent’

Jules and the girls have been trapped inside for over a year, and it’s finally time for them to reenter the world. When they attend a 30 Under 30 Party, they are forced to reflect on their upcoming birthdays, career changes, and unfulfilled life goals.

S2 Episode 202 ‘Right-Hand Woman’

Jules navigates her uncharacteristically great day while hiding it from Madison, who doesn’t share her luck. Izzy struggles to go public with her new relationship. Stella gets an idea for a business venture.

Sparrow - Dec 8, 2021
Dollface release and episode titles
Dollface Originals Projects

The following information has yet to be certified. We already know the episode titles for the second season of Dollface, in accordance with TheTVDb. All ten episodes should be simultaneously released on Hulu on February 11, 2022. As for the international availability of the series, we are told by Hulu there are no details to be shared as of now. The episodes are named as follows:

S02E01Travel Agent
S02E02Right Hand Woman
S02E03Boss Lady
S02E04Power Player
S02E05Miss Codependent
S02E06Space Cadet
S02E07Dancing Queen
S02E08Favorite Daughter
S02E09Princess Charming
S02E10Birthday Girl
Sparrow - Dec 3, 2021
Dollface crew sidles up to Lilly Singh’s bar in season 2
Dollface Press Articles Projects

A member of the Dollface crew will be mixing business with very personal pleasure in Season 2, and TVLine has your first look at the new love interest.

When the Hulu comedy releases its sophomore run (all 10 episodes) on Friday, Feb. 11, comedian, actress and onetime late-night TV host Lilly Singh will fill the recurring guest star role of Liv, a queer bar owner with a confident sense of humor, who explores both a relationship and a business venture with Stella (played by Shay Mitchell).

In the exclusive #2022FirstLook above, which is from Episode 2 of the new season, Stella, Madison (played by Brenda Song), Jules (Kat Dennings) and Izzy (Esther Povitsky) have sidled up to said bar, where Liv (far right) gets to better know all the ladies.  

All told, Season 2 of the comedy will follow Jules and her crew “post-pandemic, post-heartbreak” and heading toward turning 30. “Having successfully reunited with her friends, Jules must now balance keeping their group together as the women navigate work, love, and a deeper relationship with each of themselves,” reads the official synopsis.

In addition to Singh’s Liv, Season 2 will also introduce Jayson Blair (Good Trouble) as a new love interest for Izzy, Corinne Foxx (Beat Shazam) as the enigmatic daughter of a music industry mogul who reappears from the girls’ past and strikes up a whirlwind friendship with Madison, and Luke Cook (Chilling Adventures of Sabrina) in an undisclosed recurring guest star role.

Written by Matt Webb Mitovich for TVLine, article published on December 3
Sparrow - Nov 23, 2021
Dollface season 2 gets a premiere date!
Dollface Projects

But don’t take my word for it — Hulu’s official Twitter account for the show shared a tiny teaser today. The second season of Dollface is finally being released on 11 February 2022.

Sparrow - Nov 6, 2021
Big Mouth & Esther Povitsky
Dollface Originals Projects

The fifth season of Netflix’s Emmy-winning animated show Big Mouth came out yesterday, November 5, bringing into light a couple of casting changes hitherto unknown to the fans. We sadly report that Kat did not come back to voice Leah Birch, passing on the role to actress and comedian Chloe Fineman, who is perhaps mostly known for her appearances on Saturday Night Live. No reasons for this change have yet been revealed by the showrunners or Kat Dennings herself.

While we await further news and publicity stills from Dollface, we would like to share a recent interview co-star Esther Povitsky conceded to Yahoo Entertainment where she addressed her comedy and the inspiration behind it.

She explains that she sees her skillsets cross-pollinating right now, and that while her work on Dollface (scripted) is vastly different from honing a standup set, the two keep each other sharp in a way. “They’re two completely different jobs, but getting on stage and testing out material helps me keep my comedy beats and my timing in tune,” she says. “Then, just being on the show has given me new life experience to draw from.”

For anyone that has yet to jump into Dollface, now is the perfect time to catch up while filming for the second season is underway. Povitsky appears alongside Kat Dennings, a sterling Brenda Song, and Shay Mitchell, who portray a friend group in a time of reconciliation shot through a chaotic, absurdist lens. Executive produced by Margot Robbie, Dollface feels like a necessary exploration of female friendship, a tender but honest peek into the complicated highs and lows of existing in your twenties.

According to Povitsky, the friendships seen on screen on Dollface aren’t a big reach. “I feel like they cast us as a real-life friend group,” she says. “This season, in particular, we were just all so comfortable with each other.”

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