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Gallery update: Kat in Dollface’s press-junkets

We have added over 3000 screencaptures of Kat in promotional interviews and games for the debut of Dollface’s second season, back in February. The quality is exactly what was made available through the online participations and admittedly not the best; still, we wanted to add them as they attest to Miss Dennings’s playfulness, and we always aim to chronicle her life. Hoping you’ll find these captures entertaining to browse through.

Gallery update: 2 Broke Girls “Pilot” screencaptures

2 Broke Girls episode screencapping season has officially kicked off, thanks to our friends at Divine Candice. We have added 729 HQ screencaptures of first season’s episode one, ‘Pilot’. Filling this section in our gallery with a significant number of images per episode has always been a goal for the website, but too big a task for a single person to undertake, which is why this contribution is so important. Hoping you enjoy this massive update!

Gallery update: Kat for Popsugar

We have added 439 MQ screencaptures of Kat chatting with Maria Mercedes Lara of Popsugar back in 2013, apropos of Thor: The Dark World‘s global release. Sadly, a higher quality version was not possible to gather. The video clip was uploaded in November, but we’re unaware of the exact recording date. In spite of this uncertainty, we hope you enjoy the upload.