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Gallery update: Dollface season 2

We have added 702 UHQ screencaptures of Dollface‘s second season, all of which have been done and made available by pantyh.

Dollface S02E08 press release and publicity stills

S2 Episode 208 ‘Homecoming Queen’

The girls face family dynamics. Jules helps her parents pack up her childhood home. Madison sees a new side of Ruby when she meets her music-industry-mogul father. Stella joins Liv for her son’s family day at camp. Izzy takes a trip.

Dollface S02E07 press release and publicity stills

S2 Episode 207 ‘Molly’

The girls attend an all-female musical festival. Jules teams up with a teenager to find her friends. Izzy struggles to let herself mourn her breakup. Stella remembers her former party girl life. The ladies deal with the effects of poorly-timed drugs.

Dollface S02E06 press release and publicity stills

S2 Episode 206 ‘Space Cadet’

When Jules feels that her friend group is unraveling, she revives their made-up friendship holiday, Codependence Day. MaThe girls make space for new things in their closets and their lives. Jules and Izzy run into a former colleague. Izzy’s relationship insecurities come to a head. Stella navigates Liv’s bond with her son. Jules and Madison go on a double date.