Part of Harper’s Bazaar‘s Go to Bed with Me series. Video uploaded on February 02, 2022.

Hey guys, I’m Kat Dennings and tonight I’m gonna be showing you my nighttime skincare routine. I have a pretty basic skincare routine. I always have, I haven’t really been one of those people who uses, like, 24 products. I’m always very impressed.I don’t think I’m good enough at the chemistry of it all. I like to keep it pretty simple. Usually, when I get home from work, I like to take a bath and I will actually cleanse my skin in the tub. And my favourite way to do that is to use either the Weleda Clarifying Gel Cleanser, which is a really nice, thorough but, you know, it’s just a clear gel, there isn’t a lot going on there very simple. Oh, it has Willow bark extracts. Trees. I also like to use the Clinique Rinse-Off Foaming Cleanser, that’s a classic. And I found this fun little thing. This is a little silicone… Can you tell it’s a little silicone cleansing sleeve and it’ll lather it up, you know, and then, you know, you can wash it and it’s great. So I have one on the tub, one in the shower, one by the sink, they’re all over the place. So after cleansing, sometimes if I’m really in the mood for a little treat, I will do a lip scrub. This is the, you know, brown sugar one from Fresh. I feel like this has been around for a really long time. Now I’m disgusting, so I’m gonna just use my very long natural nails, thank you so much. (Kat mumbling) And then you just, you know (humming). Who invented this, such a good idea. Anytime we have kissing scenes at work… Okay, I’m an actor. Let’s just straighten that up. Anytime I have a kissing scene with another actor I’ll do this. I’ll do this for them. ‘Cause I’m nice. It makes your lips so soft, it’s so nice. I actually do not like going to bed with lip balm on, so I would leave it there. If my lips were very, very chapped I would put lip balm on for the night. Next, I will use, I have a few different serums that I really like but I absolutely love this Mario Badescu Vitamin C Serum. This is just vitamin C. So I’ll do a, you know half dropper of the vitamin C serum. Rub between palms like that and I do, I pat. I pat all of my skincare on. I see so many videos where people say, you know, go up with all your products. Always look in upward motion but to me, it feels like the less moving the skin the better. I do move my face a lot as a person. So I feel like when I apply my skincare I just pat, I have very sensitive skin. I do not go in the sun ever. That’s my main skincare secret. My skin is very translucent. I mean, you can, I mean you can really, like, see how the sausage is made. If I’m having some kind of breakout, I will spot treat with this iS Clinical-Hydra-Cool Serum. This stuff is incredible. This is my tried and true, I’ve gone through so many bottles of this. So if I have a breakout area I’ll just dab a little bit on and it really does take it down, like you wouldn’t believe. So next I will moisturize. So like I said I don’t really like to do a heavy moisturizer in the evening, especially before going to sleep just because I sleep on my face. Another no-no I’ve heard, but what are you gonna do? So I like to keep it kind of lighter in the evening. So La Mer has this incredible moisturizer called the Moisturizing Cool Gel Cream. I washed my hands before this video so don’t worry about it. Again, pat. Pat that into your face gently. I put most of my face products left over on my hands and my hair. I feel if it’s good for your skin it’s gotta be good for your hair, right? Yeah. I hear the most important part of a healthy skincare routine is being hydrated, which I never am. So it’s a miracle I have a face at all at this point. I also really love as an alternative to the product I just use, La Mer has the Hydrating Infused Emulsion. I’ll just use a little bit, listen I’m treating myself. Another very lightly and very, very nice light moisturizer. So now with this sinking in, we’ll go to our little eye cream. My favourite is the iS Clinical Youth Eye Complex, iS Clinical might be like my holy grail brand. Everything they make is fantastic. There’s a little eye cream. Again, I don’t use very much. I don’t use very much of anything. I have broken out from creams before. I’ve broken out from sunscreen, which is why I decided to just stop going outside. It’s not really worth the risk. If my skin really needs hydration, because sometimes it does, in the daytime I do tend to use this. This is, I will say, this is my new holy grail product, not sponsored. This is the Serumkind Black Blossom Drop. I dunno if you can see that. This has like a, I think it’s black tulip in it and let me tell you right now. This is no joke, you’re not gonna believe the quality of your skin in the morning if you do sleep in this. If you don’t break out from stuff. Actually, this hasn’t made me break out yet and I use this quite a bit. So that’s a whole dropper. Just watch, watch the magic. This is so amazing. It really keeps your skin dewy, moisturized for hours. I mean, it sinks in, eventually, but this, if you like that glass skin look which I love on other people. My final step and most favourite step is my toner facial spray. This might just be for my mood because this smells so incredible. This is my other holy grail, I guess I have a, I’m using my holy grail products right now but this is really special to me. This is the May Lindstrom Skin, the Jasmine Garden Botanical Facial Mist. This smells, oh (mist spraying). Oh my God! It smells like when you walk past a wall of jasmine flowers, if you’re taking a walk and you walk past jasmine, you’re like, oh my God, what is that? What is that? What is that? Oh my God. That is what this is, this smells like that and I’m, I think this, I mean, this line is really beautiful and really luxurious. The scent is so unbelievable. I mean I, back when we used to travel in this world, I would travel with this as just a rule. I needed to have it with me. I have one in the shower. I have spritzed it on myself in the shower. I do it morning, afternoon and night. I love it so much. I mean, sometimes if I really wanna be cute about myself, I’ll put on a little perfume before I go to bed. Hold on (grunting). I will use my Jo Malone Orange Blossom Perfume now, why not? Why not? Oh God. Who is she? And that’s it. That is my nighttime skincare routine. Thank you so much for watching. I hope this was fun. It was for me. I feel, I feel dewy, I feel moisturized. I’m not hydrated, but maybe, maybe, just for you, I will go drink some water so I don’t die. So I can see this video posted for my beloved Harper’s Bazaar. So thank you so much again and good night. Bye-bye.