Part of Marvel‘s MPower first season. Released worldwide on Disney+ on March 8, 2023.

Most superheroes start from something very traumatic.

Something that they’d use and overcome. And become a hero version of themselves. But they’re always still vulnerable.

Who is Wanda Maximoff? Very complicated answer. I think at the most simple, it’s… Wanda came from an immensely traumatic childhood. She was radicalized and was given the power of the Mind Stone.

Wanda’s literally trying to escape her grief through television. This dream world where she doesn’t have to face any of her sadness.

It’s the most ambitious possible concept. It’s over decades, it’s through sitcoms, it’s just unbelievable.

It’s so helpful when you know that the people behind the scenes identify with your character. Teyonah’s character, Monica Rambeau, of course, loses her mom.

I think most people can find a superhero that they specifically relate to. I think that’s the power of, of superheroes.