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Welcome to Kat Dennings Diaries, a fansite dedicated to the actress Kat Dennings. She became known to the general public as the sassy waitress Max Black in the comedy 2 Broke Girls and in the shoes of the witty Darcy Lewis of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Kat can now be seen in Hulu's new show Dollface. We aim to be your go-to source for Kat goodness and offer a comprehensive archive of her career and fierceness.
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  • January 01, 2021  Sparrow 2 comments Celebrations, Website Updates

    Exactly one year ago, Kat Dennings Diaries (katdennings.org) opened its doors to Kat’s fans, long-time and new ones alike, as the fruit of an old passion and with the fresh intent of chronicling the life and works of the extraordinary human that is Kat Dennings.

    Twelve months later, our purpose has not changed. We are still and will always strive to be your #1 source on all things Kat. That is why we continue working on fulfilling our pages with educational texts and engaging extras; our vaults with photographs, videos and other media. We have conquered a lot within a year, having had the pleasure of sharing thousands of exclusive images with you at the best quality possible, as is always the case.

    We hope you have enjoyed threading this journey with us thus far and that you will stand by our side as we keep moving forward, ever growing.

    We currently count +15.000 images in our photo gallery, +40 published pages and more still under the process of drafting, +100 videos in our video vault, +30 articles to read in our press archive, and +150 posts written in 2020.

    It’s exciting to imagine where we’ll go in 2021, as we officially enter our second year online.

    December 31, 2020  Sparrow No comments Exclusives, Gallery

    Let’s welcome the new year with the last gallery upload of 2020. A big one too: we have added a whopping 401 HQ exclusives of Kat and Beth Behrs through the lenses of celebrity photographer Cliff Lipson. We hope you enjoy this little throwback to happy times.

    December 30, 2020  Sparrow No comments Exclusives, Gallery, Photoshoots

    We have added 59 HQ/MQ images of Ben Cope’s 2013 photoshoot with Kat to our gallery, including outtakes and brand new images. These are the second half of the upload we did in October.

    December 27, 2020  Sparrow No comments Gallery, Instagram, Kat's Instagram, Stories

    We have added 029 screencaptures of Kat’s story from today, where she showcased her green highlighter and teased a trivia game on Zoom.

    December 24, 2020  Sparrow No comments Instagram, Stories
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    December 24, 2020  Sparrow No comments Originals

    In the midst of supper preparations and homemade gifts shared with us via her Instagram stories, Kat took the time to post the following acknowledgement regarding the pandemic and how the Holidays should be spent during troubling times.

    Before I post more cooking stuff:

    This entire pandemic I’ve been very privileged to be able to stay home and commit to a small pod with immediate family. None of us shop, see any other people, go literally anywhere other than our two locations. It’s been a sacrifice for all of us but it’s how we decided to do things during this. I don’t want anyone to think I’m having a gathering without regard for this nightmare happening around us. ❤️

    She’s also not forgotten her Jewish ancestry, nodding to the (already past) Hanukkah by using emojis to represent both festivities in a separate post.

    December 22, 2020  Sparrow No comments Gallery, TV Appearances

    We have added 141 HQ screencaptures from a 720p source of Kat and the rest of WandaVision‘s cast interview with Good Morning America, recorded during last year’s D23 Expo.

    December 19, 2020  Sparrow No comments Instagram

    Guess what I am hanging on by

    December 18, 2020  Sparrow No comments Appearances, Gallery

    We have added 373 HQ screencaptures from a 1080p source of Kat, Kathryn and Randall’s interview with Mark S. Allen for Extra Butter, recorded during last year’s D23 Expo.

    December 16, 2020  Sparrow No comments Gallery, Kat's Instagram

    We have added 043 screencaptures of Kat’s makeup tutorial posted on the 7th of December.

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