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Matthew Moy talks 2 Broke Girls and Kat Dennings

On today’s episode of his eponymous show on YouTube, Mike Rand hosted a talk with actor Matthew Moy, Kat’s co-star in 2 Broke Girls. On a casual talk about his career from its humble beginnings, there was no way Matthew would let 2 Broke Girls and his waitresses sit out. For your reading convenience, we wrote down a couple of highlights.

Speaking of Kat and Beth and if they’re still in touch, Matthew said:

They’re like my sisters. I truly mean that. Sisters you love, you love to laugh with, sometimes who can get on your nerves… But you know, in a sisterly way. I love them, I love them to death. I just commented on Beth’s Instagram, she just posted a video of her really nice record player and I was like ‘Beth you gotta let me put LEDs, you know, little party lights, you gotta do it’, you know? Beth and I see each other all the time, you know, when we’re getting smoothies. Kat… We’re always DMing each other about her garden or cats or something. I love them, I love them to death.

Matthew also recalled taping with Kat and how impressed he was at her memorising skills.

I was said Kat Dennings was like the quarterback of our team. She has an insane memory. One of the most vivid memories I have is that pilot episode where she has this huge monologue — I don’t remember if it was in the cold open or if it was somewhere else in the episode. Or she’s just, like, laying it on… I think it was the cold open where she’s laying it on thick for the hipsters… I believe that was a punch-up — what a punch-up is, is something that was not originally written in the script but on the night of show day, of filming, because we really only film two days, first day’s mainly all the technical stuff we can’t do in front of a live studio audience, and the second day is all the fun stuff… And I believe that was a live audience day, the second day, and the writers gave her this huge monologue, they’re like ‘oh forget all the other stuff we said, here’s this huge monologue’; she looked at it and said ‘OK, let’s do this’. And she went through the whole thing, nailed it and I just went… ‘Oh my gosh, does she have a photographic memory?’ I don’t think she does but she nearly has one. She’s amazing.

Finally, when comparing the comedic vein of the two actresses, Matthew said I believe in real life Kat’s a little more conservative than Beth, Beth’s like the goofball. Now that is saying something!

You can watch the full show and listen to Matthew talk about the whole cast, 2BG guest stars and the show’s cancellation here.