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Kat Dennings & Randall Park Talk About The Show’s Hidden Easter Eggs

Among all the interview craziness that has been invading KDD during this week, MTV UK brings us a different kind of treat! Uploaded today, the video shows Kat and Randall playing a guessing game and talk about the Easter eggs of WandaVision.

What Randall Park says about Kat

Kat is not the only cast member who is being interviewed this week as the promotion for Disney+’s WandaVision continues. In a recent article from Entertainment Weekly, co-star Randall Park, who plays agent Jimmy Woo on the show, was asked how it was like to work with Kat — you can read her own interview with EW here. Interviewer Devan Coggan pointed out the obvious link between the two actors and sitcoms. This is what Randall had to say about Miss Dennings:

She’s the best. It was just so fun to be paired up with her and Teyonah, just as a group to try to figure out what’s going on in this town. But just as people, they’re so kind and fun to work with, and I would do it again in a heartbeat.

And we hope they might work with each again in the near future, as the internet joins together to claim for a Darcy and Jimmy The X-Files style show.

WandaVision Virtual Launch Event

“I guess, for Darcy, she worked under Jane Foster for a very long time and I think Darcy’s kind of learned how to be a boss from Jane,” Dennings explains in the interview. “And then she comes to the world of WandaVision under some unusual circumstances and… it’s hard to talk about without any spoilers! I know everyone would like them, but I won’t say.”