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Why Kat?

And so the bird fell in love with the cat… I have been loving this girl for years. I wish she was my big sister. I first watched her on 2 Broke Girls and loved her beyond her character: I got to tell there was true, non-scripted wit . There is a spark about her, something that would charm anyone into learning more about her and spend time with her with ease. She shrines through her ‘smaller’, indie characters, breathing life into the not-so-mainstream films. If there’s one who can boast of ‘keeping it real’, that’s Kat.

This website is a long-due tribute to her.

Why ‘Diaries’?

Ah, alliteration… The average writer’s favourite poetic device. ‘Diaries’ happened to have a nice ring to it when paired with ‘Dennings’ and it’s a previously unused name in Kat fanpages. Since this website aims to chronicle the life and works of Kat, the word also seemed fitting — even more so when she is known to have a poetic vein and used to keep her own blog.


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